What’s an “interval”?

What’s an “interval”?

It’s an awkward word. (Say “awkward word” ten times fast!)

Sometimes you mention the word in reference to music and folks’ eyes just glaze over. “What did he say? I have no idea what that means! Now I’m lost!”

But actually, it’s simple. According to Wikipedia, an interval is “the difference between two pitches”. A “pitch” is simply a musical note. So, an interval is the difference between two notes.

Understanding how to use intervals is vital to great guitar playing and making tasteful solos. It’s also very helpful when creating melodic “hooks”, or catchy melodies, for a song.

Sometimes, I’ll create a guitar solo or hook completely based on intervals, such as in the chorus of Amado Salvador by Marco Barrientos. It’s a simple but powerful tool to create strong melody lines.

But in order to save you from the “headiness” of all the theory (which I love), I’m going to give you something actionable you can use right away. I’ve created a free guide for you wherein I lay out all of the intervals in the Major Scale, in several different positions.

Get the free guide!

This guide will help you tremendously to begin to identify the intervals by ear, which is extremely potent in terms of making you a better musician! So, go download this free guide now and try it out!

Also, I highly recommend watching this Facebook Live guitar lesson I did in conjunction with the intervals guide. In it, I give you additional actionable material you can put to work right now for creating great guitar solos on acoustic or electric guitar! I also give you a special exercise for ear training that will totally transform the way you hear music in just a couple of weeks! Check it out!

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