Monthly Archive: October 2017

What They Never Tell You About Guitar Soloing…

Do you know what it takes to create an incredibly melodic, juicy guitar solo? You know, one of those ones that make you stop in your tracks at the mall just to listen through the awe-inspiring moment. And do you know how to create a solo like that in 5 minutes? How about in 30 seconds? How about on the fly? Recently, I did a Facebook Live post on this very topic. One of my Facebook followers, Isaías, had this to say about it: “That was amazing, I’ve been looking for this long time ago (years) and I finally found…
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What’s an “interval”?

What’s an “interval”? It’s an awkward word. (Say “awkward word” ten times fast!) Sometimes you mention the word in reference to music and folks’ eyes just glaze over. “What did he say? I have no idea what that means! Now I’m lost!” But actually, it’s simple. According to Wikipedia, an interval is “the difference between two pitches”. A “pitch” is simply a musical note. So, an interval is the difference between two notes. Understanding how to use intervals is vital to great guitar playing and making tasteful solos. It’s also very helpful when creating melodic “hooks”, or catchy melodies, for a song….
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