How to Make Your Guitar Playing 10x Better (With the Simple Tap of a Button)

What if I told you that you could 10x your guitar tone and skill with the mere tap of a button? How much would you pay for that button? $100, $200, $500, $1,000? And, no, I’m not talking about a computer plugin or a new stomp box.


The click of a button.

Your guitar playing.


How much would you pay?

What if I told you that you could get that button for $15? Would you think I were ridiculous? What if I told you could get that button FOR FREE?? Would you blow me off and think I were just trying to sell you some marketing garbage? “Sounds like a bunch of hype, Mr. Elam!”

Well, it’s not a bunch of marketing garbage or hype. It’s real. It turns out that after 15 years of teaching professionally and watching literally hundreds of students practice right in front of me, I’ve found one simple trick that separates average guitar improvement from rapid and transformational guitar growth.

Do you want to know what it is?

Tell me the trick already!

First, let me just reiterate that after watching hundreds of students practice and honing my own teaching skills after 15 years, there is one single thing above all else that transforms my students’ skill and tone right before my eyes. And if you implement it in your guitar playing, I assure you that you will experience bolstering growth on the guitar.

Are you ready for it? Do you really want to know? Drum roll…..

Practicing with a metronome!

Ugh … Dull and boring.

I know. I ruined the moment. I sucked the life right out of it. I’m sorry.

But wait! Maybe not! What if I also told you that when students implement this little trick in my classes, I usually spot a sweet little grin on their faces? What if I told you they actually have more fun and enjoy playing guitar more after practicing with a metronome? What if I told you that even they can see how using a metronome is directly linked to their progress as a guitar student?

My students take me seriously when I tell them to practice with a metronome because they’ve experienced the transformational benefits firsthand. I’ve noticed that it’s not drudgery to them. They get it. They’re almost excited to practice with a metronome. Why? Because they know that it produces major results in their guitar playing. Immediately, tone and technique improve, almost without fail! It’s incredible. It’s simply the coolest and quickest little hack I have discovered to metamorphose your guitar playing into what you want it to be.

The best musicians in the world practice with a metronome. Why shouldn’t you? Are you “too cool” for a metronome? Or, do you think it will suck the life out of your playing and your practice time? It won’t. Just the opposite will happen. It will energize you. It will revolutionize the way you play the guitar. And only for the better. Click here and I’ll show you some valuable tips for practicing with a metronome! I’ve also created a free exercise for you to practice with the metronome. It will greatly increase your finger strength, agility, and endurance on electric or acoustic guitar! You can download it by clicking the link below. Plus, you’ll stay in the loop about when I produce more material like this on my blog, YouTube, or Facebook.

“I really wish I had never practiced with a metronome. I’m a worse guitar player than I was before,” said no one ever!

Question: What would your guitar playing look like on a 10x level? What technique or song would you be able to master? Leave me a comment below!

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