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My tools of the trade

Are you mystified by great guitar tone? Click the button below to get your FREE guide to great guitar tone! Click here to get “The Top 10 Rules of Great Guitar Tone!”   Gear isn’t everything but having great gear can get you the sound you’re going for a lot quicker. Here’s what I use. And if you’re just starting out, be encouraged that a lot of what you see here you can get used or on clearance on a budget. is my favorite for finding great used gear on a budget and an easy money back guarantee. Enjoy!…
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Weird rhythm patterns and the BEST way to tackle them

So, today I want to talk to you about WEIRD rhythm patterns and the BEST way to tackle them so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. One of the most important things you need when you are playing the guitar is CONFIDENCE. And what I’ll be teaching you today will help you to have the confidence you need when you encounter a rhythm that seems like a 50-foot brick wall without a ladder. You’ll be able to jump over it like a mini-hurdle after today. Complex rhythms may never haunt you again. Never in your life. (Yes, it’s possible.) Claim your…
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Mystified by guitar tone? Get my Top 10 Rules for Great Guitar Tone
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